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Listen to MIDI Music While You Browse

What is MIDI?

MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface and it is Basically a Music Synthesizer built in to your computer by a plug-in for your Web Browser. The Plug-in is download able and FREE. You just have to take the time to get it and install it once and you are ready to listen to music in the background while you browse. Of course you do have to have speakers connected to your computer to hear anything.

If you have a MIDI plug-in just click on any of the links below to have music play in the background as you browse.
If you don't know just try it, it can't hurt.

If you don't have a MIDI plug-in click here and we'll point you in the proper direction


Botschaft, op.47 no.1 (Brahms) 14k

Der Engel (Richard Wagner) 12k

Mignon's Song, op.6 no.6 (Tchaikovsky) 16k

Freudvoll und leidvoll, op.84 no.2 (Ludwig van Beethoven) 10k

La Traviata - De' miei bollenti spiriti (Verdi) 13k

Als die alte Mutter, op.55 no.1 (Dvorák) 12k


Killer Queen (Sheer Heart Attack) 47k

Bohemian Rhapsody (A Night At The Opera) 45k

Another One Bites The Dust (The Game) 26k

Rag Time Jazz:

Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin, 1899) 24k

Charleston Rag (Eubie Blake, 1899) 22k

Theme Music:

Pink Panther 8k

Twilight Zone 7k

The Simpsons 19k

Classical LARGER files:

Habañera - Carmen (Bizet) 37k

Erlkönig (Franz Schubert) 48k

Largo al Factotum - The Barber of Seville (Rossini) 46k

Ablösung im Sommer - Des Knaben Wunderhorn (Gustav Mahler) 19k

Villanelle - Les Nuits d'Été, op.7 (Hector Berlioz) 31k

Marriage of Figaro - Se Vuol Ballare (Mozart) 27k

The Advantages of NOT Embedding MIDI Music Files

You can give your visitors a choice of music while they browse.

Your visitors can control their own volume and choose when to pause or stop the music (many browsers don't support a console with embedded files).

The music won't stop when your visitors move on to another page.

Your visitors who don't want to listen to music while visiting your page, don't have to.

Your visitors don't have to take the time to download a MIDI file and won't risk out of memory errors if they are low on memory.

You won't scare away possible repeat visitors who are irritated by embedded MIDI files.


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