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A Whole New World of Screening Possibilities

The Phantom screens is compact, attractive and durable. The aluminum housing, handle and tracks have a baked on powder coated finish. The end caps are nylon and all screws are stainless steel. The mesh is fiberglass and has been designed specifically for our rollscreens. Diameter of the housing is 2" x 1" and the handle is 2" wide for a total width of 4". We have sill spacers that allow us to adapt to almost any space.

The Phantom is only there when you need it and simply disappears by retracting into a nearly invisible housing when not needed.

Disappearing Screen Swing In

The Disappearing Screen for Doors & Windows

In-swing Doors

Why cover your beautiful decorative door with a storm door? The Phantom can be mounted to the existing frame and go virtually unnoticed when not in use, providing superior ventilation of the entire door area.

Out-swing Doors

The problem of how to screen that outswing door has finally been solved. Our rollscreen can be mounted on the casing or placed inside the frame of the door.

Double French Doors

A perfect application where we simply mount a rollscreen on either side of your door frame. When needed, the rollscreens are simply drawn to the center and held in place magnetically, thus eliminating the need for an obstructive center post.

Patio Doors

Are you tired of replacing your patio door screen every time someone walks into it? A single screen mounts to the center post on the stationary side and remains protected and out of the way when not in use.

Insect Mesh Sunscreen


The same system used on the doors is applied to windows. Mounted horizontally, the Phantom can be installed with either insect mesh or sunscreen. The sunscreen provides protection from the damaging heat of the sun, yet allows some light to enter the room. This is perfect for kitchens, sunrooms, and skylights.

RVs, Boats, Modular Homes, Sun decks, and Solariums the applications are endless.

We Screen The Impossible!

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